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I wrote this fictional novel about a woman struggling to survive an abusive relationship.  Using acrylics, I also painted and designed the cover for the novel.

Liquor House Music, the first novel written by Katrina Parker Williams, is a raw, gritty tale of a proud, yet bitter black woman, Laura Dunn, and her struggle to survive in an abusive relationship. Each chapter in the novel reveals, through flashbacks, aspects of Laura’s troubled life as an abused wife and mother of three children.

As a southern Black family, the Dunns experience more heartache and pain than the average family when one tragic episode transforms their lives forever. The discovery of sexual abuse of Laura’s daughter, Tyesha, inflicted by her stepfather Big Champ, sets in motion a sequence of events that eventually destroys Big Champ, Laura’s son Tyrell, and Laura. Laura’s own battle with sexual abuse at the hands of her foster father lays the foundation for a cycle of abuse that scars her children for life. The characters in the novel are strong, determined, proud black people with a strong sense of family and loyalty, and a realism truly representative of southern Black America.

Liquor House Music can be purchased from in Kindle edition or paperback–click below:

Liquor House Music can be purchased from–click below:

Comments about book:

Liquor house Music is a wondeful book to have. It is very deep and whether we know it these situations that the characters go through do happen to in our everyday society. I can’t wait for Katrina’s next book because once you read the first couple inserts you will want this book.”

Liquor House Music is a must read book. It is not a typical predictable book. The book was funny, serious, shocking and sad. I actually laughed out loud and shedded some tears. I remember saying “mmmmmmmmm NO she didn’t”. I can hardly wait for the author’s next book!

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